Less is more. BCS is committed to making every product as raw and natural as possible. We see the beauty in simplicity and minimalism and believe that the best products are hand-made with simple ingredients. 


BCS uses a blend of organic essential and fragrance oil. As much as we would love to use essential oil entirely in our candles, not all essential oils are suitable for candle making. The premium grade fragrance oil we use is organic and phthalates free.


Soy wax is a natural product derived from soybeans and is non-toxic.  It is 100% biodegradable and can easily be cleaned up with a cloth and warm water.

soy candles burn cleaner and longer than paraffin candles. It burns at a lower temperature and outlasts paraffin candles in burn time.

  • 100% vegetable, made with pure soybean oil

  • all natural and biodegradable

  • manufactured meeting fda standards

  • kosher certified

  • contain no animal products

  • contain no palm wax

  • contain paraffin or beeswax products

  • contain no pesticides and no herbicides (view certification)

  • contain no genetically modified material (view certification)



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