MIST Air Spray

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MIST Air Spray

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Alcohol-free air deodorizer and freshener. With a new concentrated formula, 2-4 sprays is sufficient to freshen any small room, linens, rug, locker, car, or more. Now featured in a lockable mister bottle, with twice as much volume as the old (4 oz.) packaging.

Select scent from:
Lemongrass & Cedar: Reduce tension and stress.
Lavender & Sandalwood: Calming and grounding.
Orange Bitter & Bay Rum: Recharge and energize.
Eucalyptus & Sage: Cleanse and protect.
Spiced Vanilla: Indulge and seduce.
Coconut & Lime: Uplifting and fun.

Approx. 8  oz. / Approx. 235 ml
Made In Vancouver, BC

Ingredients: Distilled water, witch hazel, *(organic orange bitter essential oil and himalaya cedar wood essential oil.), *(organic lemongrass essential oil and cedar essential oil), *(organic lavender fragrance oil and sandalwood oil), *(organic coconut and lime fragrance oil), *(spiced vanilla blend fragrance oil), *(organic sage fragrance oil and eucalyptus essential oil).

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